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How YouLi Platform Empowers Accessible Travel

"20% of population experience some type of disability themselves or within close family, which makes accessible travel one of the fastest growing segments in the travel industry. Getaboutable is aimed to empower people with mobility, vision, hearing and other disabilities to participate in travel and leisure activities with their families and friends." - Dr Yasmine Gray, Founder of GetAboutAble In 2020 GetAboutAble has launched THE Accessible Travel Marketplace powered by YouLi.


During the travel ban in spring of 2020, Dr Gray joined one of the community meetups hosted by Jennifer Fein, the co-founder and CEO of YouLi, and offered partnership on the project. A few months later, they used YouLi Travel Marketplace solution to launch THE Accessible Travel Marketplace that allows travel businesses:

  • Showcase trip itineraries, destinations and tours as branded Trip Pages
  • Collect expressions of interest, process bookings, share waivers and forms all in one place
  • Collaborate with external partners and vendors
  • Assign interactive tasks and create per-departure journeys for clients
  • Easily manage groups of travelers and instantly share valuable information and updates
getaboutable travel marketplace powered by YouLi

On a mission to make group travel easy for everyone, the GetAboutAble team has created an niche marketplace for destinations and travel designers to showcase the accessible experiences. Planners can collect expressions of interest AND process bookings online, while the software provides tools to manage people, documents, itineraries, and can be integrated with external platforms.

I’ve been traveling for over 50 years, since 6 months old and haven’t stopped since … except a pause due to Covid19 travel restrictions. Like many people with disabilities I was frustrated by the lack of accessibility information. I spent hours researching locations and wanted to share this knowledge with others. The idea of a centralized platform focusing on helping each other by sharing mobility-specific travel information, was long overdue. Now visitors to the website can also arm others with useful advice and help make accessible and inclusive travel mainstream.


About GetAboutAble

We empower the 20% of the population with mobility, vision, hearing and other assistance needs, their families, friends and supporters to find and share information about accessible travel and leisure activities around the world.​


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GetAboutAble Trip Designers Enjoy

  • Free itinerary creator with unlimited trips
  • Flexible payment options
  • Referral links for effective affiliate marketing
  • Group and individual bookings reporting
  • Essential group travel integrations
  • FREE LISTING on GetAboutAble Travel Marketplace
Getaboutable trave lmakretplace powered by YouLi group travel platform