Refundable Bookings by Refund Protect

How To offer refundable bookings


The YouLi team has partnered with Refund Protect to provide a premium ADD-ON. They offer a pre-trip option to make the booking “refundable” for an extra fee paid by the traveler. It’s a good way to offer comfort to individuals that if they do test positive for COVID right before the trip, they can still get a full refund (and not out of your pocket).

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The Refund Protect service is now integrated into the checkout flow on YouLi, so it’s just a small setup and then it just works on all your trips. Watch the webinar to learn the details and client testimonials by Reho Travel.

What is the difference between Refund Protect and Travel Insurance?

  • A traveler that makes their booking refundable can receive a 100% refund if they cannot attend and can evidence one of the many reasons in the Refund Protect Terms and Conditions, which they accept when they select a Refundable Booking.
  • Refund Protect is not insurance, so it compliments any travel insurance your traveler purchases (from you or other providers). It is similar to having the option when purchasing a flight to make it refundable under certain conditions. This is in addition to any travel insurance the traveler may purchase.

What does it look like when my traveler is offered the choice to make the booking refundable?

  • Your travelers will see a choice after selecting the payment method and instalment to select "Refundable Booking" or "Non-refundable Booking" as shown in the screenshot below.
  • The amount that will be added to their invoice is shown when refundable option selected.

Can I profit from recommending Refund Protect?

  • Yes! You can add an additional charge on the Refund Protect surcharge, paid by your travelers who select "Refundable booking"

What does YouLi do?

  • YouLi shows the traveler the option to make the refundable booking with clear information about the choice and the exact cost on the Trip Page (see above)
  • YouLi informs Refund Protect on your behalf whether the booking is "protected" or not to measure conversion rates on your Refund Protect Dashboard

Is there a setup fee?

  • There is no Refund Protect setup fee
  • There is a one-time setup fee paid to YouLi to integrate Refund Protect into your trip pages & onboard you on how to use it. We will ensure you understand how YouLi works with Refund Protect to avoid any confusion with you or your travelers.
  • Once setup, there are no ongoing fees that you pay, all transaction fees are paid by the traveler.
Refund Protect

How it works

Refund Protect will protect your reputation and revenue by providing an exceptional customer experience when customers need a refund. It is offered to customers at check out and will allow them to opt-in to a Refundable Booking.

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How to get started with Refund Protect powered by YouLi?

To make your bookings refundable with the Refund Protect services, you will need to have a premium (paid) YouLi account and open a support ticket to request an introduction.

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Refundable Bookings on YouLi Platform