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Trusted by 100+ businesses and corporations

“YouLi makes it incredibly easy to launch new trips. The design is intuitive and functions are well organized, making the process of designing and launching a new trip very quick and easy. And the end result is a beautifully designed, user-friendly booking process.”

Elinor Fish

While you change the world, 

It’s time to organize your retreats with ease.

YouLi empowers you to grow, achieve your aspirations and
increase your reach, so you can create more memorable experiences
for your customers.

New Pricing Plans making it even easier to get started

itinerary management software to "WOW!" your clients

All-in-one Planner Dashboard for Trip management & CRM

Centralized Bookings & Payments with 0% booking fee

custom Booking Pages, Email & Website designs

Team Members, Co-planners, Agents & Affiliates Collaborate in ONE place

Welcome To YouLi


Eliminate endless emails.

Now you can save time and improve customer experience by 

streamlining your onboarding process, custom questionnaires, waivers, and more.

Reduce my admin time now


Chase sunsets. Not payments.

Leave behind the constant worry of unpaid invoices. 

YouLi auto-generates invoices and creates payment reports. So you can put more energy into connecting with your customers.

Reduce my admin time now


Stay zen from beginning to end.

Stay on track with your customized workflows and automated tasks and reminders for your travelers. 

Save your customers time with trip details in one place so they can easily find what they’re looking for.

Guide me to my perfect retreat flow
Better prepared customers with YouLi


You bring the hype. 
We bring the automation.

Get everyone excited for your event by showcasing schedules, automating task reminders, and personalizing your communication with optional custom registration forms.

Reduce my admin time now


Connect, click, cheers!

Set the stage for top-notch networking. 

Give your attendees the option to arrange formal meetings and create custom profiles for others to see.

“YouLi incorporated functionality of multiple tools into one making it far easier for me to manage my business. And the features were more robust and engaging than others offered. What also sold me on YouLi was the support team. Never have I had such direct contact with such a knowledgeable and accommodating team. They really showed an interest in helping me leverage YouLi to the fullest for my business.”

- Warren, June 2023 from


If you can type it, we can create it.

Integrate your current website or create a new one. And have a sales page… that sells.

Find more time for your customers and business while we take care of your SEO, integrations, and website maintenance.

Reduce my admin time now


Tech-savviness not required.

Increase your productivity and reduce admin time with YouLi as your trusted co-pilot.

You have access to lifetime support on how to effectively use YouLi software so you have more time to create more memorable experiences.

Increase my productivity
Better prepared customers with YouLi


You bring the hype. 
We bring the automation.

Get everyone excited for your event by showcasing schedules, automating task reminders, and personalizing your communication with optional custom registration forms.

Reduce my admin time now


Connect, click, cheers!

Set the stage for top-notch networking. 

Give your attendees the option to arrange formal meetings and create custom profiles for others to see.

Our Clients Say

"I feel like a part of the YouLi family. They know me by name, they make me feel special, and they are always supportive of my projects! Not only is the platform solid, they are constantly improving upon their products based upon customer suggestions. The customer service is outstanding and the training options are out of this world. It's absolutely brilliant!"

"YouLi does every single thing that needs to be done for a group trip. I am totally in gratitude of you all for designing something that works so beautifully. It’s brilliant! Without YouLi, I'm not sure we would be able to launch our second brand."


Everything in one place.

Avoid the juggling acts and chaotic spreadsheets. 

You deserve to have the joy of trip planning back in your life. 

Reduce your customer noise with software that is all in one place, all on one screen.

Reduce my customer noise


Maximize connection, minimize hassle

Choose the plan that works for you

Traveler document portal so your customers know what forms to fill out

Tracked emails to individuals or group for easy communication

Current website integration so you don’t need to start your site from scratch

Mobile app that travelers can access offline so they can still “disconnect”

Real time inventory that shows spots left so you never overbook

Sales pages that are intuitive for potential customers

Live webinars, help docs & video tutorials

Support chat

… and more! Check out our price plan comparison chart to learn more.

Empower My Retreat Planning Now!


A Wellness Retreat Entrepreneur Community + YouLi software =
As little as $5/month.

We’ve partnered with Dr. Sheri Rosenthal, founder of Wanderlust Entrepreneur, a transformational retreat coaching service filled with a community of other like-minded individuals like you.

For as low as $5/month, you get access to YouLi software basics PLUS:

A Retreat Trip Sales Page template uniquely designed by Sheri that has been proven to sell transformational retreats just like yours

Early bird pricing to encourage travelers from hesitant lookers to confident bookers

Room management, including giving roommates the option to pay separately

Digital Signature for a waiver

Your profile showcased to the Wanderlust Entrepreneur Community where you build relationships and network with others in your industry

I’m interested in changing lives with Dr. Sheri

"YouLi provides me the functionality that I originally needed at 3 other solutions to provide. And it does it in a highly seamless way. My clients rave about how dynamic and engaging the information I provide them is. YouLi has a ton of easy to use and customize features that allows me infinite options for defining my bookings. And the support team is without equal!"


Never miss a beat.

Your logistical nightmares are now behind you. With YouLi, you have precise, real-time data that tracks ticket sales, room allocation, task management, and attendee requirements. So nothing falls through the cracks.


We’ve got you covered.

Our team ensures a smooth transition from your old platform so you won’t miss a beat.

Show me how

Make your next event one to remember.
Make it with YouLi.

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centralize BOOKINGS & PAYMENTs

With all trip documents, payments and status updates is one place, you ease the burden of travel planning - for yourself, your clients, AND your co-planners.

YouLi provides a TRAVELER PORTAL instead of a simple itinerary, where you are also centralizing all the trip details for your clients. They can go to ONE PLACE to book their spot, then return to the portal to see when their next payment is due, make the payment right there, review which tasks need to be completed next, and re-read their itinerary. 

Planners see the big picture TRIP DASHBOARD that helps you understand when payments are paid, overdue, or who’s paying for who. Simplifying the booking and payment steps for your clients is one of the best ways to level up their customer experience!

  • Multiple PAYMENT INTEGRATIONS options with leading providers like Stripe, PayPal, and Square PLUS your preferred platform can be customized using our API
  • 1-CLICK BOOKING buttons for your clients - increase conversions!
  • CLIENT PORTAL allows clients to simplify their travel planning
  • AUTOMATED REMINDERS help save everyone time and keep the trip preparations moving forward
  • 0% BOOKING FEE - scale your travel enterprise and keep the revenue
Bin the word docs and sheets - use YouLi

custom website design, API integrations, deck plans & so much more

Whether you are operating with a luxury travel website or just launched, we can help you optimize. With our custom API integrations, YouLi can fit inside your existing tech stack and employee travel planning process. Easily connect to your CRM, email marketing, accounting software, room tracking, Google Analytics, and more.

  • Customize SOFTWARE INTEGRATIONS to fit YOUR business model and software tools
  • Trip planners and partners COLLABORATE under one platform - trip leaders, vendors, travel agencies, and employees
  • SAVE TIME, stay organized and provide an easy travel preparation process for your staff and clients
  • Partner with a fast-growing SaaS platform with new features released every few weeks
  • We even automate room management with a custom cruise DECK PLAN without any manual intervention once it is set up.

    "The YouLi team has done an amazing job of helping streamline our business. They enhanced their platform to include our small ship deck plans allowing our guests to select their own cabin, build a profile and make payment.   Plus we can easily push tasks and optional tours out to our booked guests saving us a tremendous amount of man hours.  Not only did YouLi significantly reduce our costs they also helped increase our revenues. The Youli team has been fantastic to work with. " - Chris Parker, ROCKSTAR ADVENTURES

onboarding, TRAINING & support

We take pride in the extraordinary support we provide while training new clients on the platform features, including 1:1 Zoom calls and monthly LIVE events. With our engaged community of travel professionals, you will always stay on top of the industry trends and best practices.

  • Save time & get the human-centered support that is perfect for YOUR team with YouLi 1:1 ONBOARDING & CONSULTING
  • Take advantage of extended VIDEO TUTORIALS
  • Share feedback and collaborate with our team on CUSTOM SOLUTIONS

"Thank you again! Everyone who has seen our new website not only loves it but also sees us in it. Plenty of folks have technical skills, but not many have adaptive skills, you and your team are adaptive to the max." - Sophia Boyer, founder of Melanated Travel & Sankara Travel.

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We are a community of group travel professionals and tech experts sharing best practices and feedback to grow together.

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