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Wanderlust Entreprenuers help travel profressionals lead successful, lucrative and life-changing experiences through workshops and business consultations. Dr Sheri Rosenthal and her team teach travel entreprenuers, coaches, and healers to design, promote and sell out wildly transformational destination retreats. Since 2019, the YouLi software designers have been collaborating with Wanderlust Entrepreneurs to create the technology that streamlines admin processes and creates smooth client experiences.

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ON THE FRONT END of promoting your retreat – having a fabulous retreat trip page that folks drool over can make the difference between filling your retreat early and struggling to get folks interested.

And ON THE BACK END of promoting and managing your retreat – having a system that allows you to collect legal paperwork. registration materials, and payments can make the difference between a stressful pre-retreat time and an effortless one.

There is NOTHING like having the ability to automate and customize as much of the process as possible!
Now I’m sure you’ve heard about online retreat booking software before – and I can tell you straight up that not all of them are created the same!

Jen Fein, YouLi
Jen Fein, YouLi
Dr Sheri Rosenthal, Wanderlust Entrepreneurs
Dr Sheri Rosenthal, WE

When Jen (YouLi founder) met Dr Sheri – they discussed what could be better – and Jen agreed to make specific changes available JUST for Dr Sheri’s people. As a result, a SALES PAGE by Dr Sheri was born - a uniquely designed booking page for the transformational retreats that sell!

"In YouLi everything that you need is in ONE PLACE:
- take money and keep track of it,
- get all of your legal form returned,
- send information to all your people...
The YouLi team was able to take my SALES PAGE template, that we know works, and put it into the software. That's something that no one else has!"

Here are just a FEW of the bennies of using YouLi in your biz:

  • If you join the platform from this page you will have access to the Wanderlust Entrepreneur retreat sales page template so that you can build your retreat page right on the YouLi platform!
  • Streamline bookings. Stop chasing payments, and automate payment reminders to your customers. Configure your own payment plans, and accept credit cards, wire transfers, cash payments and more. Customize prices per traveler.
  • Simplify the registration process & reduce number of customer inquiries. Travelers are assigned tasks and receive automated reminders so they are better prepared for their trips.

Wow! So much easier to have everything automated especially if you don’t have a team at your disposal to chase clients.

Members of Wanderlust Entrepreneur Community enjoy

  • FREE TRIAL Get started and upgrade when you're ready to lower your booking fee
  • Unique Sales Page design that fills your retreat designed by Dr Sheri Rosenthal
  • Easy Automation Tools with payment & task reminders to get your time back
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About Wanderlust Entreprenuers

Wanderlust Entreprenuers help travel profressionals lead successful, lucrative and life-changing experiences through workshops and business consultations.

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Members of the Wanderlust Entrepreneurs get exclusive access to special plans not available to all YouLi users

  • STARTER - $5/month + 3% booking fee
  • LAUNCH - $10/month + 2% booking fee
  • POWER UP - $20/month +1% booking fee

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