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We understand that organizing travel for a group can be tough.  Some people want morning flights, some want to stay a day longer. One guest just has to have a mountain view, but their friend is scared of heights and needs a different room. It happens. YouLi helps avoid the extra headache so you can get back to connecting people through transformational experiences.

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simple group travel management software

Every person in a travel group may have different dietary requirements, payment options, flight details, and the list goes on. With our group travel management software, you get to create individual itineraries and profiles, and your travelers get "Magic Links", so they can easily access their individual personalized Trip Page, rather than a public group itinerary.

  • Create OPT-INS for pre-trip accommodations, activities, and rentals
  • Itineraries are accessible to everyone in the group, not just the ‘main person'
  • Easily add FLEXIBLE DEPARTURE DATES per person or group
  • Automate selective REMINDERS to empower participants to get prepared and excited for their adventure or a retreat
  • All DOCUMENTS and TASKS are always available to trips guests via a convenient MOBILE APP
Itinerary Creater

ditch outdated pdfs & personalize travel experiences

Your group of travelers gets to choose the accommodation options, decide on any extra activities, or add an affiliate travel insurance option. Our group tour registration software is adaptable & personalized to help you stand out.

  • One itinerary version for the whole group, while still CUSTOMIZABLE per person
  • INTEGRATION with Unsplash stock images, to help you look professional
  • All updates are instantly reflected on the group and printable individual itineraries
  • Collaborate with remote partners, by leaving team notes in your PLANNER DASHBOARD

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Your travelers can book instantly right on the YouLi itinerary page! Offer a whole customized payment experience that fits both, your travelers' and your needs. Allow deposits and split payments between travelers. Process credit cards in one click or set up a direct bank transfer. Your clients will receive an auto-generated invoice instantly. We’ll do the heavy lifting and keep track of headcounts for you.

  • Offer FLEXIBLE PRICING options per individual within the group
  • STREAMLINE ONBOARDING clients from the registration form to payment, waiver signing, and more
  • Multiple PAYMENT METHODS so you can collect money more easily - including cash payments and 3rd party links
  • 0% BOOKING FEE options to help you scale and keep more revenue
Bin the word docs and sheets - use YouLi

Expand your online presence without a developer

YouLi makes group travel easy and building your website even easier! Looking for easy website development? Launch a classic travel website in just a few days with the YouLi PRO+ WEBSITE - designed specifically for group trip businesses with all essential tools and integrations. Need a luxury travel website? Work with our team to build an elite CUSTOM WEBSITE.

If you already have your perfect website set up, great! You can use our simple EMBED CODES to feature the trips your build on YouLi on your own platform, website, blog, or social channel.

  • LAUNCH IN DAYS with the YouLi turn-key group travel business solution
  • High-speed, SEO and mobile optimized website with no web development knowledge
  • Zero website maintenance on your side - guaranteed global data compliance and security
  • Time-saving tools & integrations essential for group trip management
  • The most affordable custom websites for small travel businesses

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It’s great to be working in the industry you love, but working solo from home can get lonely, quick. YouLi clients and partners are passionate travel entrepreneurs, software and insurance professionals, marketing, legal & business management experts who generously share tips and best practices and help each other find new opportunities in the group experience industry.

Stop spending time researching how to implement a new system alone. We are here to help!

  • Take advantage of free monthly webinars & Q&A sessions
  • Learn and apply best industry practices
  • Keep up with the travel marketing & technology trends
  • Train your team fast with 1:1 consulting
  • Network with a community of travel agents, advisors, coaches, and group experience professionals

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