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A collection of answers for the most common questions about the YouLi platform.

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Browse through the questions below to find the answer to the most common questions about YouLi. Want detailed How To articles or help on a platform problem? Checkout the Help Center.

What payment methods & gateways does YouLi support?

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YouLi supports multiple payment methods. 

You can connect to Stripe on all YouLi plans to take advantage of all their payment methods, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, Bank Transfer, Afterpay, and many local payment methods like Affirm, Cash App, and many more for UK and Europe. Learn more

Square is available to all American businesses transacting in USD.
Any business that cannot access Square or Stripe can connect PayPal (all others can upgrade to GROW for PayPal)

Looking for an alternative payment gateway to Stripe or Square? 

Upgrade to GROW to access no fee booking fee payment options, such as links, Zelle, Bank Transfer instructions, and Pay by Phone. Learn more

Upgrade to ENTERPRISE to get:
* 0% booking fees
* Per trip gateways - change your gateway as needed
* Options to connect to, and Cybersource

What are the examples of good travel websites?

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Good travel websites are:

  • Fast
  • Secure & globally compliant
  • Mobile-optimized
  • Specialize in travel-related events and can recognize dates, as well as help you manage rooms, set up payment plans, upsell insurance, and collect legal documents.

Here are some examples of successful travel websites from the group tour operators powered by the YouLi booking platform.

How to build a destination event website in a few days?

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There are 2 simple options to set up a group booking website for your upcoming destination event:

Option 1 - Full website  Create a beautiful Starter travel website with YouLi. Enter your content into the DYI blocks and our website builder will turn it into beautiful SEO & mobile-optimized pages with a secure booking engine. YouLi travel website template is optimized for multi-day group trips and includes important tourism integrations and 6 essential pages:

  • Home - with all your listed trips for fast booking
  • About
  • Contact
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • "Find Your Trip"

Option 2 - Landing Page (just event/retreat page). Use YouLi Trip Pages as stand-alone Landing Pages - perfect for group trips, retreats, and courses. YouLi Trip Pages are free and go live as soon as you enter the content.

We recommend combining landing pages with a white-label domain feature to showcase your brand and provide a consistent customer experience.

What are the benefits of a white-label travel portal?

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An all-in-one travel portal is the most effective way for travel companies to provide an enjoyable customer experience on group trips. Travelers can make secure payments, choose a room, upload documents, sign waivers, and get instant access to itinerary updates.

White label domain helps tour operators build confidence around the brand and boosts customer loyalty. White-labeling your trip pages means your clients consistently see YOUR branding & URL from the first registration form.

What website is included with the Plus plan? Can I host my website on YouLi?

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Yes, you can host your website on YouLi.

With YouLi, you can launch your company website in days, not months. We call it the Starter Traveler Website. You can read more about it and view examples HERE.

Choose “PLUS ANNUAL” subscription to activate access to your branding and content. Once activated, open a support ticket to transfer your domain to YouLi. Simply enter your website content, including text, images, and videos into the designated boxes, and it's ready - fast, secure, and ready for bookings!

Also learn about YouLi CUSTOM web development.

What are Packages in YouLi?

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YouLi PACKAGES are different base prices that you set on the planner side for your travelers to choose from.

Set pricing packages to designate a different price based on room type, group size, single supplement, etc.
Number of packages available to you depends on your YouLi subscription.

Can I export payment & booking reports out of YouLi?

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You can Export all reports out of YouLi a CSV or Excel file.
For more instructions, visit our Help Center.

Are there fees for refunds?

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If you accept credit cards, the refund fees will be set by the payment gateway of your choice. YouLi does not charge a refund fee.

Do I have to accept credit cards?

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No, that’s one of the many great things about YouLi software!

You can track payments manually in case you have travelers who do not use the online booking interface. So you can keep all your payment data in ONE place. Learn more

If you are on certain YouLi plans, you can enable Direct No-fee Payments methods. This allows your travelers to choose to make a wire transfer and inform you so you can watch for the money to arrive and mark it as received.

Most of our clients prefer Direct Payments, such as Electronic Funds Transfer, or Direct Bank Transfer, because of reduced fees and less risk in case of refund. YouLi offers up to 5 payment methods to choose from and provides an online invoice & email confirmation, so your travelers know you’ve received the payment.

Book in a demo to learn more

What are "Magic Links"?

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Every REGISTERED guest on your trip is assigned a Magic Link - a personalized & branded link that you can send an individual with THEIR version of the itinerary, including: 

  • Pricing package & accommodation they chose
  • Additional activities, insurance & optional pre-trip packages
  • Access to payments & invoices
  • Personal trip documents
  • Assigned tasks
  • Special offers & discounts

Invite people to their personal Traveler Portal without requiring a password, easy & secure. Like magic!

Do you have a free trial?

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Yes! To get started for free, choose the YouLi EXPLORER plan.

You can use your EXPLORER account for free as long as you want. Notice that EXPLORER includes 3% booking fees. Once you are happy with YouLi, save time and money by upgrading to a premium plan and enjoy faster support along with all the other features included in the premium plans.

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How do I get YouLi support in my country?

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YouLi is proud to provide human-centered customer support around the world. With team representatives in the USA and Australia, we cover most time zones. You can open a support ticket or chat with us from within the application. We typically respond within hours, and always within 1 day for our premium customers. Additional support and consulting contracts are available for purchase.

Pro Tip: Our most successful clients pre-purchase 1:1 guided onboarding support prior to the first launch to make sure all systems are connected correctly. Launch Support Package: US $60/hour (exclusive to new users)

Can I create itinerary templates?

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Yes! You can make simple copies of the Trip Page, or turn your trips into a templates for future use. We recommend creating signature templates to streamline your traveler onboarding processes. There is no limit to how many itineraries and templates you can create, so knock yourself out!

You can even upload your library of experiences, destinations, accommodations, and optional add-ones, so your team can deliver superfast custom quotes in response to inquiries. Open a free YouLi account to start creating group itineraries.

What are "Booking Fees" and how do I avoid them?

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The "Booking Fee" is charged by the booking platform on credit card payments. Depending on your YouLi subscription, the booking range from 4% to 0%.
These booking fees are on top of any credit card fees your gateway may charge, similar to a commission. Payments are FREE (no fees apply) when your travelers do direct bank transfers (available with PRO plans and higher).

YouLi platform offers two ways to lower and avoid booking fees:

1) To lower credit card booking fees, upgrade from Explorer to PRO and drop your credit card booking fee to 1%, plus unlock 0% booking fee payment options, like checks, electronic fund transfers (EFT), and third party payment link (recommended).  

2) To eliminate credit card booking fees, upgrade to an ENTERPRISE account with 0% booking fees on ALL payment methods. Schedule a call.

Can I pause my premium subscription?

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Plans cannot be paused. A cancelled plan mean that all your trips will be archived (not visible on your website or to your travelers). You can downgrade to a lower plan if you aren't as busy.

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Does YouLi hold my booking payments?

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NO! YouLi never holds your deposits or booking payments!

Unlike some platforms that do not settle money (payout to you) until AFTER the trip, YouLi connects your booking page to YOUR Stripe, Square, PayPal, or Cybersource account.

That way, YOUR reputation with the payment gateway determines when your money is paid out.

For Stripe this is usually 3-7 days. (in some cases faster)

You can also set up no fee bank transfers (available on certain plans).

What credit card fees will I pay?

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Credit card fees are determined by the gateway selected.

By default YouLi integrates with Stripe, we also have the option to connect to Square, CyberSource, PayPal, Venmo, and more.

Check your payment gateway prices for your currency to know what fees you’ll pay. You can connect your existing Stripe, Square, or PayPal account and maintain direct control over settlement options. Note that if you settle into a currency other than the one paid by the traveler (for example they pay in USD and your bank account is in AUD), you will incur foreign exchange fees charged by the gateway. This can be expensive if you must then payout in another currency – be sure to price your trips accordingly.

Tip: To avoid credit card fees, allow your clients to send you direct bank transfers (EFT). This option is available on YouLi premium plans.

Can I integrate YouLi travel itineraries with my existing website?

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YES! By integrating interactive itineraries into your website, you create a seamless customer experience for travelers, who go directly from your website to a (white-label) travel portal.

You can embed (integrate) your public itineraries & booking pages with any website builder. You don't even need a developer for that. Our simple line of the script is extremely easy to "copy-paste", so you can do it yourself.

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