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Are you tired of updating multiple versions of different clients' multi-day trip itineraries? Are you spending more time in email threads than actually advising people on what travel itinerary is best for them? Having your quotes easily accessible and ready to make those sales, is key to getting back to enjoying the trip planning process!

Industry Leading Itinerary Creator with custom quotes

Automated tasks Reminders to streamline Waivers & Documents

Process Bookings OR redirect to A Partner Page

Your Own Travel Website
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customizable travel management software

Are you fed up with using spreadsheets to track who has paid, who signed waivers, and who’s sharing a room? Yeah, we are over it too!

By using our dedicated travel management software, travel agents and advisors can spend less time trying to stay organized and more time creating impressive travel experiences. One of our key features is automated tasks, which are entirely customizable to fit each trip’s specific preparation process.

  • See all travel planning, communications, and payments in ONE PLACE
  • Avoid the long email threads and stop losing small details
  • Tasks, upgrades, payments, and itinerary changes are all AUTOMATICALLY updated in real-time
  • Watch as tasks get completed as AUTO-REMINDERS get sent (only to the clients who are behind!)
  • Keep track of all PAYMENTS & REFERRAL COMMISSIONS in your Planner Dashboard
Build itinerary made easy with YouLi

all-in-one modern itinerary creator

We want you to leave behind outdated PDFs, MANY email threads, and Word documents. Believe it or not, it’s possible. We want you to rediscover the joy of travel planning! By using dedicated itinerary software for travel agents, you can turn potential customers into travelers, all in one place!
Get back to what you love: creating amazing travel experiences for your clients!

  • Create itineraries in minutes by copying from a TEMPLATE LIBRARY.
  • Deliver high-quality group sales pages and provide professional personalized quotes within one URL (we call them "Magic Links")
  • The changes you make update automatically across the trip’s itinerary - so that you don't have to keep updating everyone individually
  • Run promotions and offer discount codes
  • Send your travelers off prepared with offline access to their itinerary in the YouLi MOBILE APP

Travel advisors who Love YouLi

online booking software

Not only will you send clients an interactive itinerary, but if they are ready to book, they just click to pay!

YouLi knows that the KEY to converting leads to sales is SIMPLICITY. Stop putting up barriers to closing sales by asking clients to call or email, instead let them click a single button and add credit card details, or redirect to a supplier's payment page. Done.

  • MOBILE-OPTIMIZED software means your clients can review their itinerary and PAY while they wait for the train or pick up kids from school
  • Fewer steps to book mean higher CONVERSION RATE
  • PAYMENT PLANS & multiple installments support your travelers with paying down larger trip expenses
  • Clients get their very own TRAVELER PORTAL to have easy access to all aspects of their trip, both in web view and in the mobile app
Bin the word docs and sheets - use YouLi

simple travel website, EMBEDs & integrations

Launching your travel website has never been easier - it is now included in the YouLi PRO plan, and you can do it yourself with zero development experience. All sites come with booking functionality, travel portals, and interactive itinerary pages. Add in our integrations, and you can automate your backend tasks, like updating email marketing lists and tracking conversions with Google Analytics. You can even co-brand with your hosting agency.

Already have a great website? No worries, use simple YouLi embed code to showcase beautiful TRIP CARDS on your existing platform.

  • Launch your travel website in just a few days.
  • Leave the SEO, site security, page speed, and other techy site things to us!
  • Future-proof your technology investment with new features released every few weeks.
  • No more website maintenance headaches.
  • YouLi integrates with Zapier, Xero, Google Analytics, and more! (Quickbooks on a roadmap).
  • The most affordable custom websites for small adventure businesses.

network with travel designers around the world

YouLi community is a place to keep challenging yourself to grow and find partners, including building global affiliate relationships with unique group experience providers, allowing you to expand your portfolio and customer experience. Regular webinars and masterclasses bring expert knowledge from the best travel industry professionals, including legal, operational, marketing, and data security advice.

  • Get professional advice you need to boost your business
  • Take advantage of the expanded network of travel professionals and consultants
  • Level up your traveler experience by learning how to use YouLi better with LIVE business cases
  • Save time and money on training and research

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YouLi is more than just software.
We are a community of group travel professionals and tech experts sharing best practices and feedback to grow together.

Join the YouLi community and participate in monthly LIVE webinars.
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