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Finding The Best Tools For Your Unique Travel Business

Are you tired of looking for the right trip, document, payment, or person? The TIMA professionals has collaborated with the YouLi team to create a numbers of webinars comparing the software available to group tour oeprators today. This partnership will also help you build a travel specialized website that helps you optimize admin processes and increase bookings.


Are you ready to optimize your processes?

  • Make your travel brand stand out
  • Get paid on time
  • Streamline your booking process
  • Create personalized trip pages
  • Get better prepared travelers
  • Ensure seamless team collaboration
  • Automate and scale with ease

About TIMA

The Travel Industry Marketing Association is the first travel industry organization dedicated to, and driven by marketing. We are on a mission to provide the education, tools, and support travel professionals in every segment of the industry need to promote and grow their brands.

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all-in-one software for group TRAVEL & EVENTS

Members of TIMA community enjoy

  • Unlimited Branded Trip Pages
  • Self Guided Onboarding
  • White-Label Domain (with annual plan)
  • Access to 1:1 personalized consulting
  • Group masterclasses
TIMA + YouLi