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Peak Flow OBM

Group Itineraries, Bookings, Tasks, Integrations

Katie Broadhurst, the founder of Peak Flow OBM, has been working in adventure travel industry form many years. When she discovered YouLi group travel platform, Katie immediately embraced the software and started offering it to her group travel clients to increase the bookings and optimize the processes.


Peak Flow and YouLi Collaborations

The Peak Flow and YouLi teams work closely together to support adventure companies from step one. The support includes technical set up and on-on-one training sessions, as well as free group webinars to help you save time on research and get the advice you need to succeed.

How to effectively use ChatGPT
Get tips on how to navigate ChatGPT with YouLi

You can download a free cheat sheet to get you started on your ChatGPT journey here.

Peak Flow Online Business Management

Software Review: YouLi – Group Travel Platform

As an operational manager, Katie encourages travel companies to choose the right software for the business model, and fully utilized the features.

YouLi Review

all-in-one software for group TRAVEL & EVENTS

Optimized Business Processes

"YouLi was amazing! My colleague and I had our first itinerary up in an hour and online is seconds, ready to take expressions of interest. This is the first platform we've found, that covers everything we need for our business from getting our itineraries online, taking bookings and managing our travelers."

Optimize your workflows and scale, supported by the best professionals in the adventure travel industry!

Katie Broadhurst