4 Reasons Why Your Travel Booking Platform Should Integrate with QuickBooks Online (QBO)

Integration between your booking platform and QuickBooks Online means simplified invoicing, increased financial visibility, and ultimately time and money saved for you. The best part is, it's easier than you think.

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1. Save Time & Stress with Easier Bookkeeping

How long do you (or your bookkeeper) spend reconciling all the payments coming in from how many payment sources?

Managing multiple tours at a one time makes this even more time consuming. And we all know that time is money!
Imagine automatically pushing payments from your booking system into QuickBooks Online, and auto-generating invoices so you (or your bookkeeper) can quickly reconcile that credit card settlement lump sum. How much time would that save you?  

YouLi is designed to simplify your revenue streams, and now you can use Zapier to integrate that cashflow to reconcile in minutes and even track all those tricky fees and costs (Stripe only)!

No one likes doing the books, so make your life easier by automating your bookkeeping workflows with integrations.  

2. Send Fast & Beautiful Invoices

You want to provide your clients with clearly laid out branded invoices that showcase your company and all the great things about their experience, including add-ons. Professional invoicing takes time, so if you are tired of generating manual invoices for clients, you are not alone. It's time to say "hallelujah", because now you can automate invoicing!  

The YouLi integration with QBO means you don't need to send ugly QBO invoices, instead invoices are automatically generated in a professional format alongside the beautiful itinerary you have created in YouLi - so they remember why they are paying so much!

Then YouLi updates QBO automatically, so you have a record of the payment for your accounting. Your traveler is happy, your accountant is happy, so you're happy!


3. Track Your Commissions

Whether you're earning the commission or paying it, YouLi makes it easier to keep your books so you know who needs to be paid.

Are you working with travel agents, influencers or affiliates? Then you know that tracking those commissions can turn into a nightmare. But if your booking platform keeps track of the balance due and future payments, like YouLi does, then managing affiliate payments is easy.

Happy referrers will prioritize selling your trips. And that's what you want.
Tracking commissions to your vital network of referral sellers has never been easier with YouLi!

If you're the one earning the commission, you can use trip tags and a customized set of rules to map trips to suppliers so your QBO reports show the right allocation for the revenue between COGS and commission.

4. Improve Financial Reporting

It’s been months since your trip, but you still don’t know if was profitable. Simplified reporting is the key when it comes to financial visibility. By connecting YouLi to QBO via Zapier, you get a faster understanding of your Profit & Loss position.

You can now use the financial reporting in QuickBooks Online to get great real-time visibility into your business and trips.

We hope you found these 4 tips helpful.
Remember, the software in your business should be saving you time which is more money in your pocket.

YouLi, Taming the Unruly.

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