6 Steps To Launch Your Travel Brand In Days, Not Weeks

New technology empowers solo entrepreneurs and small tour operators to launch unique transformational group trips in days, if not hours, with no professional help.


Step 1. Create your first group itinerary from the template – it’s never been easier

“I wasn’t sure I could manage all those trips by myself. And then I found YouLi” - Sophia Boyer, Melanated Travel.

If you are still creating itineraries in PDFs and sending those emails back and forth, we are happy to introduce you to a new kind of INTERACTIVE ITINERARIES – a personalized booking page that includes full details about the trip, as well as tasks to be completed prior to the departure, a way to make payments, sign digital forms and upload documents.

Step 2. Set Up Branding (including privacy & waivers)

Employ the software to ensure consistent booking experience for your clients, including mobile optimized content.
Looking for an extra touch? White-label your Trip Pages.

Step 3. Connect Payment Gateway & Set Up Payment Installments.

Collecting and recording payments is one of the time-consuming tasks that could be delegated to automated systems like YouLi group travel management software. Once set up, the platform will send automated reminders ensuring that your traveling customers stay on top their payments and tasks.

Step 4. Activate your Plug N Play website hosted on YouLi OR Integrate with your own website (OPTIONAL)

Ability to bring in your own website is a unique feature that allows tour operators to simply embed (integrate) itineraries into their website, or even use Trip Pages as stand-alone one-page websites an avoid high development fees. Depending on business model, trip designers have a choice to work with the website builder of their choice using a one line script available for each itinerary, OR activate a YouLi-hosted group itinerary website, specifically designed for group travel events, with SEO optimization, booking engine, and global payment compliance.

Step 5. Set up simple automations to streamline bookings

The most important event happens after your received a registration. What happens next? Do you have an application process, or does your client proceed straight to the payment?

YouLi “TASKS” is a feature dedicated to help you manage what you need to gather FROM your travelers to ensure they are ready for your trip and how you ensure the information you need to give TO them is received. Anything the Traveler is required to provide or complete can be a task, or as some call it a TO-DO List – with say “What?” That’s right – automated reminders 💪

Step 6. Test & Launch

Before sharing your trip, “Preview as Registered” to see your work from the client’s eyes. Walk through the whole process to eliminate the bottlenecks.

Now you are ready to launch! 🚀“I wish I knew about YouLi years ago.”

  • No more hiring a web developer
  • No more 10+ % booking fees
  • No more generic DIY websites that don’t work with dates, groups, and split payments
  • No more manual invoices
  • No more chasing clients’ payments
  • No more PDF itineraries
“People are itching to travel, they are ready to go, and the cost of having this platform is so worth it, because the amount of time that is wasted doing it manually is enormous. With YouLi it’s all consolidated in ONE place. It’s brilliant. I am so grateful to you all. YouLi has brought back the joy of travel planning into my life” - Sophia Boyer, founder of Sankara Travel and Melanated Travel.  

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