Need an alternative to EASOL, WeTravel, or Rezdy? Consider a Booking Platform with 0% Booking Fee

Let's compare the booking fee structure from the leading travel management software providers so you can choose the right booking platform for YOUR group experience business.


Let's compare the booking fee structure from the leading travel management software providers, so you can make a smart choice about your booking platform. Answering the questions below will help you navigate the travel tech landscape with more confidence:

1. How much will you pay to the booking platform for processing your group payments?

Small tour operators need the essential business tool kit, like:

  1. Itinerary Builder (simple and easy)
  2. Payment Processing and Tracking (with minimum pain and fees)
  3. Website Integration (if you don't have a website yet, don't worry about this part for now, I'll tell you later why)
  4. Document Management (this will eat your time unless you structure your processes for updates and file exchange from the beginning)
  5. Basic Automations (while you can do this work manually, this is a huge time-saver that you will be incredibly grateful you have when answering the same questions over and over again, resetting passwords, resending PDFs, and chasing customers' payments).

When comparing the booking platforms, the first question to ask is:

“Do I prefer a revenue share model, where % of profit goes to the software provider? Or do I want to pay a flat fee and keep the full profit from optimizing my processes? ” In other words, look for the software that HELPS YOU SCALE!

2. Launching new travel brand Vs established adventure enterprise

If you company is a new player on the market, paying extra for raising awareness is a standard practice. That’s where niche travel marketplaces come in handy, and some may charge up to 20%. But once you established your reputation as a tour operator or travel experience designer, it’s time to move on to a scalable model.

PRO TIP #1: Always reach out for a in-person call with your chosen payment gateway and negotiate your credit card fees. If you have enough volume you might be able to get a better rate!

These 3 travel management platforms focus on multiday group trips and can provide essential support to a growing travel brand, small tour operators and travel designers. Below is the booking fee comparison for the most popular group travel software platforms:

  • YouLi: 0%-4% (fees depend on the payment options you choose)
  • WeTravel: 1% + $0.3
  • Rezdy: 1.75%-2%
  • EASOL: 1%-3.5%

PRO TIP #2: Set up direct bank transfer option whenever possible to avoid paying booking fees. In case you need a credit card payment, check with your regional laws and if possible, set up CC surcharge, so your customers have a transparent option to pay extra for convenience.

YouLi Pricing
EASOL Pricing
WeTravel Pricing
Rezdy Pricing

3. What kind of customization and support are available?

When evaluating travel management software, always ask what kind of support it comes with. Yes, it will take you some time to learn the platform, but that time may range from 1 hour call talking with a human to several weeks of training, and it cost you thousands of dollars, or may be included in the plan. Don't hesitate to get involved and ask questions before you say "YES". The YouLi team strives to provide answers and support within 1 business day and is also available during regular LIVE webinars and office hours (we call it YouLi Cafe).

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