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Together, Jen, Bron, Claire and Sally lead with empathy, inclusivity, and innovative mindsets. They're committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and where our products serve the community of planners and travelers we empower.

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YouLi was founded to empower the creators of unique travel experiences. Since our clients are so diverse, we are proud that our staff is also diverse. By listening to what our clients need and participating in communities like the Transformational Travel Council, we have developed an inclusive culture. We know that a strong company culture starts from the top, which is why we're excited to introduce you to our leadership team.

You probably already know our CEO, Jen Fein, as a visionary leader with a passion for creating positive change in the travel industry. With deep experience in tech startups from the US and a personal passion for travel that transforms, Jen brings a unique perspective to our company. She's always looking for ways to make our products and services more accessible for all planners and travelers. Jen is an American/Australian dual citizen who is happiest when travelling on long trips through new and favorite places like New York, Spain and Jordan where she tested the original version of YouLi on her destination wedding guests.

Working alongside Jen is our Co-founder and CTO, Bron Thulke. With a strong background in computer science and a deep knowledge of the latest tech trends, Bron is the driving force behind our product development. She's also a dedicated mentor to our team of developers, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment where everyone feels empowered to contribute their ideas and insights. Bron is an Australian and lives in country Australia with her family where she raises her own chooks (that's chickens in Aussie slang) and is obsessed with making the best homemade granola.

While YouLi is a remote-first company that embraced remote work before the pandemic, Jen and Bron are lucky they can co-work in WeWork a few times a month in the Melbourne CBD.

jen and bron at wework in melbourne
Jen & Bron grab an Aussie Flat White before heading to WeWork in Melbourne CBD

After 2 years as our Operations Manager, Claire Williams has been promoted to Head of Global Operations & Customer Success. A seasoned operations expert with experience in both startup and nonprofit settings, Claire keeps our company running smoothly day to day. She's also a champion for our staff, always looking for ways to improve our workplace culture and support our team members' professional development. Claire is an American living in Argentina, which gives her a different perspective and extra respect for other cultures.

Claire Williams - Enjoying her Travels
Claire Williams - Enjoying her travels
"YouLi allows me to grow in an adaptive & patient environment. I appreciate working on a communicative team because your time matters even more on a small team doing big things!" - Claire Williams

The newest member of our team is Sally McKenna. She's been an investor for over 5 years, and we've finally gotten to the point where someone with her experience can really make a difference. Sally joins us as Global Head of Sales and Marketing. With 23 years of sales leadership under her belt, we've already seen what a difference she's made in just 2 months full time on the team. She's a champion of process that ensures everyone knows their responsibilities and our clients benefit from a smooth transition for exploring our offerings with sales to onboarding with Claire's customer success team. Sally is a British/Australian dual citizen living in regional Victoria, outside of Melbourne, Australia with her Aussie husband Geoff (also on the YouLi team) and her adorable dog Whisper. 

Sally McKenna trekking in the North India Himalayas
"Working with like minded leaders and teams, YouLi provides a safe and inclusive environment for everyone to have a voice. Having a list of values is one thing but to actually live and breathe them day to day is another, very few leaders actually do this. Our CEO and founder Jen Fein exhibits our values in all she does. That passion, integrity and honesty flows through to the entire team" - Sally McKenna

Together, Jen, Bron, Claire and Sally embody the values of our company: Diversity Of Perspective, Empowerment, and Continuous Improvement. They're committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and supported, and where our products and services reflect the needs and experiences of all planners and travelers.

We're proud to have such a strong and empathetic leadership team guiding our company into the future. With their leadership, we know that we can continue to create positive change in the travel industry and beyond.

Balloon Photo credit: Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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