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YouLi software optimizes front and back office of the group trip management. Documents, Inventory management, payments and automations in one place.


Compassion is a leading children’s charity with 68 years’ experience in releasing children from poverty.  Compassion works in partnership with local churches in developing countries to link a child in critical need with a caring sponsor. Each sponsor enables the organization to provide exceptional care for their sponsored child through every stage of their childhood. Compassion UK approach to fighting poverty is highly personal and can be summed in three simple words: Compassion for children. Learn more

The Compassion UK Field Experience Team is currently made up of 7 people collaborating across organization.
The team runs around 30 group trips of different types a year.  

The Compassion team had been thinking about implementing a software solution for over 10 years. In January 2019 an active search for a solution was initiated due to a significant increase in demand for trips. The team has developed a list of business requirements using the MoSCoW scale. After several months of evaluation, Vivien Green, team Business Analyst, has chosen YouLi to be the white-labelled tech solution for all company trips.

“We have valued the fact that we’ve been able to implement the software with 1 team member whilst others carry on using the existing system. From now on, every new trip we start planning will be moved onto the new system so it is spread over time and with the different team members.”
– Vivien Green, Business Analyst

Compassion UK travel portfolio

YouLi Solution For Global Travel Enterprises

When researching group travel software, the team had a goal to optimize operations. One platform to track all payments and documents was the first step. Part of the solution included TRAINING the team to apply the software effectively. 1:1 guidance with the enthusiastic support team, video tutorials and webinars made integrating new tool joyful.

Group trip planners often need to communicate via multiple time zones, sharing frequent updates and tracking the changes and payments securely. That's where YouLi comes handy. It's designed to integrate and set up automations to save you time looking for the right doc, recreating an itinerary from 2 years ago and handle 200+ individual payments.

Open API allowed developers on both sides connect YouLi registration pages to the external CRM and provide full view of the customer base. When a booking automatically shows up in the Compassion customer base, hours of work are saved for the team, and the client is getting full on time support for the upcoming trip.

Group travel companies enjoy premium YouLi features like team collaboration tools, automated payment reminders, document hub and advanced data security. And the most attractive bonus - NO booking fee payment processing!

YouLi features for global travel enterprises

"Not only will YouLi make our trip planners much more efficient, but we’re also giving our supporters the best experience possible, and because of how good the new software looks, I think they’ll have even greater confidence in it and our ability to serve them throughout the trip process.
It is simple to set up from the planning side, it’s a really good experience for the trip participant and is simple to use, it’s intuitive, it’s directive with tasks and input required, it has automated reminders which will be so helpful to us, the user interface is appealing, it’s helpful for the various levels of users, and we have really valued YouLi’s willingness to work with us and develop the software with us" - Judith Taylor, Field Experience Team Leader

"The onboarding training has been very useful. We’ve really valued the regular discussions with Jen and others at YouLi and found these to be very helpful. Communication with everyone has been really easy. The team have been very quick to respond to our queries and have quickly gained an understanding of how we work and how we may use the system. They’ve been really keen to help us and to get as much out of the system as possible." - Alex Parsons, Field Experience Team

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