How modern booking platforms, like YouLi, empower women in travel

We see so many focused and determined female creators and business owners who light the path and break the stereotypes. Here are just some examples of the many female-founded companies we are proud to power.


According to this Hospitality report, “Currently, although women represent 55% of the workforce in the tourism sector, only 20% of women hold management positions. Even more striking is the fact that only 8% hold positions of high responsibility. However, it is women who are the decision-makers in 70% of cases when booking a holiday."

At YouLi, we recognize that the established leadership in the travel industry is not as diverse as we'd like. But the good news is, that is a sign of the past, and leading indicators in our world show that it is only a matter of time before those metrics shift. More than 60% of the companies we work with are either female-founded or have strong female decision makers involved. And with the shakeup from the pandemic still filtering through the industry, this is only the beginning.

As a female-founded team, YouLi is proud to celebrate the brilliant female creators and visionaries who light the path and break the stereotypes. We work with business owners every day that are determined that their business is powered by the best technology they can find. Whether they spend the time to understand it directly or they know how to hire the right people to deliver the solution for them, they aren't afraid to implement the technology they need.

The YouLi booking and trip management platform focuses on making technology accessible so travel companies from diverse backgrounds can leverage Res Tech to launch and scale efficiently.

We have eliminated barriers by offering a free itinerary builder with travel document management and workflow automation. As a solo entrepreneur or retreat planner, you are no longer required to spend top dollar to build a digital presence. Designed with all the necessary group travel integrations, YouLi booking pages are a game changer for independent adventure and wellness companies - often founded by women who have realized the best way to break the glass ceiling is to leave the building and make their own successful business (just like our founder, Jennifer Fein).

The days of the token female-founded company are gone and these women are leading that change

This was a hard list to put together, because we have so many stellar female-founded clients, but it speaks volumes that we have the problem of having to pick from so many great options.

Here are just 5 examples of travel companies created by women for women, powered by YouLi trip management software. They remind us how an idea can turn into a viable business model and change the world.


Sankara Travel powered by YouLi

"A Black-women founded and led non-profit organization committed to transforming how people travel. We collaborate with with students, educators, and families to provide equitable travel and meaningful exchanges wherever our journeys take us."

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Solo Female Travelers Club powered by YouLi

"Journeys of a lifetime that empower women in extraordinary destinations. We curate female-only, intimate journeys of a lifetime that take you beyond the tourist hot spots to experience the local culture and open your eyes to the world with a group of like minded women."

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WHOA Travel powered by YouLi

"From Kilimanjaro to Machu Picchu, your once in a lifetime adventure is here! Our signature group adventures are female powered and specially curated to challenge you and move you to new heights."

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Run Wild Retreats powered by YouLi

"Run Wild Retreats + Wellness specializes in trail running- and wellness-based travel experiences that support women’s overall health and well being. Our programs feature mindful running techniques that help the women run better while maximizing running’s stress-reducing effects on the body and mind."

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Lotus Sojourns powered by YouLi

"As a part of this Global Sisterhood, you belong to our community of women who value one-another as global citizens. We are women who will join together in this like-hearted space of connection and understanding. As we connect with each other, we will be intentional in coming from a place of cultural empathy and look upon each other with acceptance and appreciation; we will honor each path in our own journeys."

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