5 Steps To Start Your Adventure Travel Business

If you are on the path of an adventure entrepreneur, we welcome you with the community guidance and 5 simple steps to avoid common mistakes when starting a travel enterprise.


Step 1 – Define Your Brand

Who you are targeting and how? What does your company feel like to potential travelers?

Translate that feeling into a travel website or even a simple landing page as early as possible — it will allow search engines build your online presence while you spread the word through offline networking. Having a visual brochure for the reference is always an advantage, travel decision are often driven by imagery. Some platforms will allow you to upload your unique itineraries for free. YouLi travel software will build a beautiful landing page in minutes when you enter daily activities — your branded color and logo included.  

Step 2- Create Signature Trips 

Save key trips as Templates, then re-use them later and personalize as needed. Use private mode sending Quotes to clients. Switch it to “Public” once you are happy with the way your Trip Page looks. Read the best practices on creating group itineararies in YouLi.

Step 3 – Payments and Bookkeeping

Payment processing is where you can save or loose significant amounts. Evaluate payment processors carefully, compare ease of use, cost, and ability to integrate with other platforms. YouLi is open to multiple integrations including payment processing and bookkeeping software .

Questions to ask when considering Payment Gateways:

  • Fee per transaction and per charge type
  • Fee for foreign exchange
  • Refund policy
  • Reputation
  • Terms of Service

Step 4 – Tasks and Resources

 If you run travel business solo or with a very small team, streamlining communications with clients is among your priorities. It is the most time consuming operation, but huge part of it can it optimized with auto reminders and tour-wide notifications. With YouLi software you can track travelers’ activity, monitor status of the assigned tasks, and send messages based on group responses – all in one window. YouLi proudly keep all data about your trips in one Dashboard – easy to access and secure.

Step 5 – Testing  

Have you ever sent an email, then remembered you forgot to update something? To provide extraordinary customer experience you need to be sure clients see correct dates and trip details. YouLi “View As” function is the perfect trip CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. It allows you to view itinerary as if you were logged in as a traveler. You can even complete tasks for them if needed. No mistakes, no miscommunications. YouLi – Group Travel Made Easy

Personal or professional planners can publish unlimited itineraries on YouLi travel platform free of charge on GUIDE plan, while Premium features like multiple admin users and website integration require plan upgrade.

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