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Ben Southall’s life is a story about the curious mind of a passionate leader and a talented entertainer who’s addicted to the challenge.

Ben is among the lucky dreamers who has managed to make a living doing exactly what he is outrageously passionate about: Adventure Travel. And I mean it: the fire in eyes, the contagious outburst of energy, the philosophical meaning behind every detail – the whole package.

“Born to be wild”, he has run marathons, climbed mountains, dived reefs around the world, ridden almost anything, and even lived months at Everest base camp. His positive spirit and adventurous mind brought him fame as a winner of the Best Job in the World in 2009 – as the Caretaker of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef! His extraordinary expeditions have been recorded by giants like National Geographic and he films and produces documentaries for The Travel Channel.

Ben is growing his community – “a cohort of like-minded souls, who relish the experience of stepping out their comfort zone, exploring new ground and living life to the full”  – by sharing his passion for extreme travel with the world as an ‘Adventurepreneur’. A synthesis of Adventuring and Entrepreneurship,  ‘Adventurepreneurism’ encourages innovative thinking throughout the journey.

Ben’s company, Best Life Adventures,  delivers extreme expeditions and group trips around the world.

BLA specializes in curating and leading expeditions for the corporate sector, with an emphasis on the start-up community and leading-edge organisations. Experiences that are designed so “their impact is enduring band helps clients achieve long-term benefits and results.”

With the mission to build THE ADVENTUROUS MINDSET, Ben has designed and structured a range of group trips targeted at travelers who are looking to challenge themselves physically, mentally and culturally.

From entry level hikes to extreme rides across the world’s highest roads, his extreme adventures are designed to take you to the edge of your comfort zone, and beyond. This allows for the expansion of perspective, personal belief and ultimately for the development of a better connected, smarter thinking, calmer world.

Extreme Networking Events

Extreme Networking Events are innovative experiences and a rising movement in the world of group travel.

They are curated group trips designed to spark creative thinking and boost team collaboration. For example a “board room on the summit of a mountain” or “brainstorming after a 2-day ice-hiking mission up a glacier”.

This kind of immersion helps to “loose the hierarchy” that strangles organizations and often prevents the open flow of ideas. Extreme travel is a “leveler” for the participants.


Trips by Best Life Adventures

The “Extreme Networking Events”, as Ben calls them, are an innovative take on corporate retreats.

The innovators and adventure-seekers within the corporate sector make up over 50% of BLA’s higher challenge-level extreme expeditions and “The Extreme Dream Challenges”. These are innovative adventures in true wilderness areas anywhere on the planet; Ben’s personal favorites.

The true fans of these immersive tough travel experiences keep coming back for more. Ben’s talent is in paving the path for growth, and his past clients become his best ambassadors. On top of that, Ben puts enormous energy into delivering his message by organizing charity fundraisers and motivational speaking events around the Adventurous Mindset.

How YouLi Software Empowers Adventure Travel Companies

  • BETTER PREPARED TRAVELERS | Simplify the registration process and reduce number of customer inquiries. Travelers are assigned tasks and receive automated reminders so they are better prepared for their trips.
  • NO PASSWORDS TO MANAGE | Travelers use secure Magic Links to view their Trip Page™ without requiring a password. All the benefits of a personalized account they keep coming back to, but no need to manage customer passwords!
  • DOCUMENT HUB FOR TRAVELERS | What are my trip options? Who else is going? When do you need my passport information? All trip questions answered in traveler's Trip Page™. Personalized itineraries, assigned tasks, documents and everything participants need to know.
  • SEAMLESS TEAM COLLABORATION | No more emailing spreadsheets around. Collect and organize travelers' info all in one folder. All trip and traveler documents are securely synchronized and updated instantly.
  • BUILT-IN SEARCH TOOL | Easily find information about any registration, booking, traveler, destination, task, comment, or payment on any trip made by your team. One click to search platform-wide.
  • THIRD-PARTY PAYMENT INTEGRATIONS | Have your own payment processor? We can integrate it with YouLi Trips, including Stripe, Square and PayPal.

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