"Working Without Borders" Empowered by YouLi Travel Software

YouLi empowers unique multi-day group and family experiences that require preparations. Customer experience is the key, and the right booking and group management software is critical for success.

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"We are the world's first company providing 1- to 4-week coworking retreats for families with culturally immersive programming for kids and teens. If you need to work, you can tackle your projects in an inspiring environment with like-minded professionals, while your children experience fun educational activities with locals."

Working Without Borders started with a simple, doable idea. Design a pilot retreat in Tahiti, a place we know and love, that would give parents a way to experience the reality of working from paradise with their children. Now WWB is a fast-growing travel company with a strict application process to get in.

The Challenge

Sam Keller, the founder, and CEO of Working Without Borders, has asked the YouLi team to help him create a professional presentation of the brand, that would help him run multiple retreats a year with minimum hustle and a lean team. As a result, the WWB team received a premium website design, an advanced booking platform with trip CRM and a mobile app for outstanding customer experience.

The Group Travel Solution

  • High-performance SEO optimized website
  • Flexible bookings processing with 0% booking fee
  • Mobile app for travelers
  • Interactive customizable itineraries
  • Built-in team collaboration tools
  • Integrations: accounting, stock images, analytics & marketing funnel

The Recognition

Only few months after launching his website powered by YouLi, Sam already got features in Wall Street Journal for the outstanding customer experience his team provides.
YouLi is proud to be part of the success of this amazing travel and educational company.

wall street journal about working without borders
WWJ about Working Without Borders

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