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Transformational Travel – Founder Story

In the end the trip was better than I could have dreamed even when things didn’t go to plan. I encourage everyone about to embark on a new venture to test with a friendly audience and challenge themselves to do the impossible, it makes you feel like you can do anything, and that’s transformational travel.

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Travel Planner at Work

Scaling Group Travel Business

You created an itinerary for another destination, and it went well as well. Your travelers are highly satisfied and keep asking for more adventures. You know you need to grow and do it fast, but thoughts of doing it manually one trip at a time makes your head spin, so what do you do?

Well, here are some expert tips from successful group leaders in YouLi community.

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Group Leader - Hike Petra Monestary Jordan

5 Tips for Group Travel Organizers To Stand Out

When we speak to our community of group travel organizers we find that the common theme is the challenge of delivering the right customer experience. They know that people can go elsewhere to just book travel. So what does it take to stand apart and deliver that unique travel experience?

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Mock-up - Optional items

More than a Booking Platform

We know organizing groups to travel is challenging work; whether you’re a professional or amateur, whether you’re working with an agent, booking independently, or you are an agent. That’s why YouLi is so much more than a booking platform.

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Group Leader - Hike Petra Monestary Jordan

Who’s your Group Leader?

We’ve discovered that because travel has become so much more accessible, passionate Group Leaders are able to create trips for the groups that matter to them, to travel for the causes and destinations that give them purpose. That’s why we built YouLi.

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Experiential Learning Travel – TribesforGOOD

Mandeep Kaur, is the founder and Program Director of TribesforGOOD and she’s eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first eight participants on their new “social impact journey” this November. The program complements their volunteering programs and is designed for those who are just starting out on their exploration of social impact as a career.

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New Feature: Custom Quotes & Templates

YouLi is already the perfect platform to make group trip management easier. But we know that not all trips require communication with multiple people. Sometimes you need to coordinate with a single person to establish the overall plan before you get the rest of the group on board.

If you’re a Travel Agent that creates unique itineraries for groups, but find that quite often people want basically the same thing with a few modifications, then YouLi Quotes is the tool for you. Take advantage of the power of templates without being locked in for the final itinerary.

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3 Essentials when Organising a Trip to The Ashes

The next Ashes is August 2019. That’s just under a year away, plenty of time to properly organise your group. But only if you’re taking advantage of all that time to properly herd the cats, err, players.

Here are 3 key aspects you’ll want to stay on top of to ensure you’re not stressed out and can enjoy the tour yourself.

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Travel With Purpose - Passion Driven Travel Business

Mindful Travel – Wherever you go, there you are

There is a lot of travel out there that is all about escape rather than travel with purpose. It is a denial of the life you are living and attempt to “get away”. This kind of travel leaves you dreading the return home. And while a mindful travel experience should leave you sad to say farewell, it should also leave you changed in a way that makes the return journey one that you welcome. Because you can take the things you learned while you were away and apply them in your life, whether you enjoy group travel or solo travel, travel should transform.

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Petra - The Siq - Treasury

Travel That Transforms

What is Transformational Travel to you? Do you prefer to be independent? Guided? In a Group? If you’re afraid to be challenged, it probably means it’s time to be challenged. Next trip allow yourself to be changed and come home knowing more than when you left; about yourself, about others, about the world.

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3 Tips for Organizing Group Travel

Group travel and planning group trips is a challenging yet rewarding task for group leaders. We are the people who love to pull people together to have experiences that wouldn’t happen on their own. I’ve heard many horror stories and many triumphant stories of trips gone wrong and trips gone epic. So here’s a few tips I’ve picked up along the way.

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YouLi balloons mountains

WordPress Plugin – Embed your Collection

We’ve made it easy to embed your public trips via our WordPress Plugin. Every premium client gets their own collection of listed trips available under ‘My Marketplace’ from the Planner dashboard. This means you don’t have to duplicate the content from your trip, simply embed the content you’ve already entered. Travelers can see all your listed trips, select the one that is right for them and click through to the YouLive to Travel Page. From there they can express interest, pay their deposit and ultimately experience the transformational experience you deliver.

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Being a Group Leader is Challenging, but so Worth It

Leading groups is challenging, but like so many challenges, it is incredibly rewarding. Group leaders know the way and dream of leading others on transformational travel; to see the joy on their faces when they get there.

Today I’d like to highlight an incredible duo, Brigitte Muir and Juliette Robertson, creators of the transformational Women 4 Women Walking Retreat in Nepal – November 2018. Brigitte was the first Australian woman to summit Everest.

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YouLi Travel Platform

Still using Spreadsheets for Trip Planning?

Spreadsheets are amazing, that’s why they are used to manage things they were never meant for, including Trip Planning. And that’s why no one reads your detailed Trip spreadsheet. After you’ve spent hours perfecting the plan, you should have an easy way to create a visually appealing version of that plan for your group. Welcome to YouLi, as in, YouLive to Travel.

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GDPR 2018

Data Privacy is a Good Thing

For those of you who fall asleep as soon as GDPR appears in the subject line, all you need to know is that you have to ensure you are compliant, but YouLi is here to assist you by providing the functionality required for your processes to be compliant.

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Wonderlust Collective: Exploring the Natural World

With an Instagram feed that boasts nearly 140K followers and is filled with travel imagery that makes you gasp, YouLi was thrilled to collaborate with Wonderlust Collective. Their founder, Carlos Loya, and I talk all things travel, photography, and what it means to feel dwarfed by the overwhelming beauty of nature.

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Transformational Travel

Transformational Expeditions with Adventure Awake

“I was successful in my 20’s despite my childhood. However, I am successful in my 30’s because of my childhood.” Antesa, founder of Adventure Awake used YouLi to systematize the experiences that are essential pieces of an Adventure Awake expedition – all in one tool.

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96 Tram at Night

Turn An Idea into a Trip – in 12 Minutes

“Ah-hah, that’s what we need, an adult field trip for immigrant citizens to catch up on their missed grade 6 lesson!” With names of grade 6 teachers to contact bouncing across the table, I was inspired to make this happen. So as I sat waiting for the 96 tram, instead of being disappointed by the 12 minutes displayed on the screen, I pulled out my phone and logged into YouLi.

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Jeanette Cheah - Founder The Hacker Exchange

Group Trips with The Hacker Exchange

Stories from the Road Series: The Hacker Exchange needed help managing trips for 18-25 aspiring entrepreneurs traveling to Silicon Valley for two inspiring weeks. Their itinerary while in Silicon Valley included a packed schedule of workshops from world-class thought leaders, talks with founders and mentors, meet-ups, and VIP access to some of the freshest businesses and co-working spaces in the Valley.

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Traveler Resources

Trip documents – All in One Place

YouLi Tasks can provide documents to download and require your travelers to upload. You can collect any document you need with automatic permission controls. No need to mess around with Google Drive permissions, simply assign tasks and know that both you and your traveler can see the right documents.

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Group Rocky Creek

CASE STUDY: Photo Workshop

The water can be freezing, there are snakes, spiders, waterfalls, slippery rocks, and steep ascents at the end of it all. But the thrill of challenging yourself and exploring places that few others dare to tread and bringing back photographic trophies makes the canyoning and photo workshop totally worth it.

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The Surprising Life of a Travel Director

“You have to be game for anything” to do this job. If you can roll with the issues, adapt to the situation and maintain a custom service orientation then you’ll do great. For Gracie the pros outweigh the cons so far. She knows that she will always have a place in the Travel Director world now – even if she needs to take a break for other things and come back to it. Would you want to be a TD? Why or why not?

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Team Story - About Us

YouLi makes her debut

This launch is for the destination wedding planners, the retreat organizers, the adventure group leaders, and those who want to share their travel experiences in a beautiful format that others want to experience – for any purpose!

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Why would anyone climb Kilimanjaro?

We are 8 climbers, who love adventure travel, but each one of us is climbing for our own reasons. Over the next two months, we will be sharing what motivates us to get out of our comfort zones and touch the roof of Africa.

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End of Fiscal Year 2017 – Bring on FY18!

his year we did a successful pilot with Seek Learning , we launched our MVP, went through One Roof Plus accelerator and signed up clients that share our vision. I’m so lucky to have a dedicated product team that makes this all happen.

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Kilimanjaro – Climb the Lemosho Route

Lemosho is the longest and most remote route to the summit of Kilimanjaro. After beautiful forests and moorlands it crosses the Shira Plateau to meet up with the Machame Route. The extra 2 days over the standard climb gives our group a much better chance of making it to the summit AND means we get a more enjoyable route.

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Where the magic happens

“The magic happens outside your comfort zone” We’ve all seen the diagram and heard someone exclaim at the power of “getting outside your comfort zone”.

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YouLi Travel under One Roof

Today I was invited to chat about my experiences as a founder with Sheree Rubinstein the founder of One Roof in Melbourne, a co-working space for female led businesses. We are still early on our journey, but it’s great to be able to look back proudly on the last year and recognize how far we’ve come.

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Get Inspired

5 close friends spread across the globe are taking this opportunity to come together and get away and reconnecting in a supportive and restorative environment.

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YouLi Team

The magic of organizing your epic destination within an easy to use and friendly web app doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a dedicated team of experts to create software that is beautiful and functional.

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Dreams for 2017

I have many dreams for where YouLi will end up, but it has already taken me farther than I ever imagined. My name is Jennifer Fein, and I am a Digital Nomad & Product Manager & Startup Founder & Traveller & Planner.

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Plans are Worthless

I’m a planner, so I can totally appreciate the need to feel in control of what is coming, especially when a special destination event is coming up.

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YouLi - Best Software for Group trips

Why YouLi?

Why YouLi? I have no shortage of people who want to join when I plan a trip, because they know I’ll do all the planning. They count on me, and I needed a tool I could count on.

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Confidence Delivered – SEEK Learning

Imagine this: you’ve got a few months and a fixed budget to deliver an internal company conference for about 150 people. You’ve got half the employees local to Melbourne and half travelling in from Sydney.

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Planning an Epic Destination Wedding

When we started planning 2 years ago, YouLi didn’t exist, so I decided to create it, or at least part of it. The vision: create a platform that allowed me to communicate with my guests about what they were getting into and allow them to create customised itineraries from the options I provided.

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